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Patrick O’Brien

Patrick’s background in sales and business aviation has been the backbone of DSA’s consulting business since inception. His expertise in market and trend analysis, sales forecasting, and contract and legal perspective complements his strong technical background. In addition to being a flight instructor (CFII, MEI) and type-rated ATP rated pilot in the Citation 525 and 560 XL series aircraft, Patrick’s breadth of knowledge, experience, and capability ensures that each of DSA’s clients has access to in-depth evaluations, analysis, and a complete picture of the micro and macro business jet markets.

Patrick grew up around aviation, starting with his grandfather who specialized in ignition system design, sales and support at Bendix Corporation and survived the 1984 TWA hijacking in Beirut. His father spent nearly four decades at United Airlines and was a flight safety investigator on the response team that flew on September 11th, 2001 to investigate the Shanksville, Pennsylvania United Flight 93 tragedy.

Patrick’s passion for aviation was seeded by his family and has molded him as a focused professional who places emphasis on personal and professional development. Enlisting in the U.S. Army (National Guard) at 17 and completing basic training before graduation from high school, set the stage for Patrick’s hard work and dedication. Patrick was hooked on business aviation after a college internship and found an aviation sales career in the very light jet (VLJ) sector with Eclipse Aviation, Inc. prior to certification of the Eclipse 500 jet. Having sold the Eclipse 500 jet globally, and later joined Eclipse Aerospace as the Western US Sales Director, Patrick has built strong ties to both a domestic and global network.

Leveraging his experience selling new and used aircraft, and applying practical skills learned while working for OEMs, brokerage firms, aircraft dealers, and financial institutions, Patrick held senior positions in organizations across the United States prior to partnering with Derrick. He is responsible for overseeing DSA’s day-to-day business and ultimately guiding clients through transactions from evaluating markets, identifying opportunities, inventory, negotiation and oversight through technical acceptance and delivery. In just over a decade, Patrick has directed hundreds of transactions of light jets, mid-sized jets and large cabin aircraft.

Continuing education has been a pillar of Patrick’s career. He holds multiple degrees with a BS in Aviation Human Factors from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, an Executive MBA from Lewis University, and a Management Certificate from the University of Chicago. He has leveraged his management and technical acumen to implement solutions that enhance DSA’s ability to serve the client.

Patrick’s unrelenting drive for improving data quality and work efficiency propels organizational enhancements and guarantees a superior client experience. Patrick prides himself on providing the personal attention necessary for helping clients purchase, sell, trade, or simply evaluate their aviation options.