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Private Aviation Consultants

Aircraft Transactional Services

A lot of things can slip through the cracks when you acquire a plane. Fixing the problems that someone didn’t catch can be costly and will delay you getting in the air. You need someone with a discerning eye and experience to tell you if your aircraft conforms to standards.

That’s where DSA comes in. We make sure the aircraft is following the tolerances dictated by the manufacturer and the FAA type certificate before you agree to purchase. If there’s a problem, we push back on the manufacturer to make sure the asset conforms to the purchase agreement. This saves you the headache of repairs, paperwork, and wait time later on.

Transaction and Aftermarket Assistance

On occasion, we offer a la carte services to help with a transaction from a limited perspective where we assess how your plane stands up to an airworthy aircraft.

 Ask us about:

  • Damage/structural repair oversight. We’ll utilize our expertise to assure your aircraft is properly repaired and meets the highest standards prior to returning to service.
  • Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs). We’ll work with authorized installers on STCs for additional installations on your aircraft, like GoGo wifi or Flight Data Recorder (FDR).
  • Major maintenance oversight. We’ll watch the aircraft while it’s down for maintenance, monitoring invoicing, and questioning “squawks” to make sure we catch something before it becomes a bigger problem.
  • Valuation. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we offer market insight to our clients on multiple fronts such as insurance valuations and estimates, figuring out the fair market value for tax purposes, or corporate planning. If you are looking for an unbiased valuation on your aircraft, no matter the purpose, our team is here to support our clients.
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