Personalized aircraft services powered by unparalleled expertise in Cessna Citation aircraft.

Cessna Citation Training

We understand all skill levels and will work with you to take you from your level of comfort all the way to the point where you are confident in your abilities.
We’re type-rated in the following Citation series, 500, 510S, 525S, 560XL, 650, 680, and 750 Citation aircraft.

Pilot services

As aircraft insurance premiums play a more prominent role in aircraft operations, DSA has seasoned, professional pilots available to supplement your crew. No matter the requirement—a second in command (SIC), ferrying to international destinations, relocation or test flights—we have resources that are type-rated and current in most make/models of turbine aircraft.


If you are new to the jet world, our team has the capabilities to teach and build your mastery of your new jet. Our mentor flying services are individually tailored for owner-operators who have just completed their initial type-rating and are required to fly with a more seasoned pilot for insurance purposes. With varied backgrounds from a test pilot, factory-trained, and specialists in every model, our mentors can finish your training where your new type-rating left off, giving you the confidence and ability to safely operate your aircraft.

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