Personalized aircraft services powered by unparalleled expertise in Cessna Citation aircraft.

Selling Cessna Citation Jets

Are you looking for a quick sale? Why are you selling in the first place? Do you want to maximize the sale price? Does this sale affect your personal or corporate finances?
Understanding our clients and their business, as well as their jet aircraft, is key to informing our personalized approach to selling the Cessna Citation and all turbine aircraft.

From the onset, we engage in extensive conversation with our clients, and by the end, we have built a relationship you can count on.

DSA represents each client on an exclusive basis. We are committed to getting you an outcome you are happy with, fulfilling our contractual obligations from the second the ink dries. When our clients commit to this journey and give our team open and honest communication, the outcome is transformative.

At DSA, we use a two-pronged approach to selling:


Taking the time to understand the reason behind your sale is something many brokers simply don’t care to ask. But we know that your personal reasons are just as valid as your financial ones, and, believe it or not, those reasons can make the difference in reaching a deal.

Using our client-centered approach, we determine a customized strategy for selling your jet aircraft. We will help you identify the financial implications of a sale, and how timing plays a big role in selling your aircraft. We also personalize a feedback loop, so the experience will be as hands-on or -off as you want for an optimal customer experience.


Examining your jet aircraft beyond its book value is central to effectively positioning it in the market. Sure, your jet may have the finest grain leather and the latest avionics upgrades, but does it fly straight?

We use our unmatched technical expertise to thoroughly inspect the whole jet aircraft from tip to tail reviewing cosmetic, mechanical, and flight characteristics, to name a few. Our adept sales team will help determine the best pricing and marketing strategy based on our analysis and in-depth knowledge of turbine aircraft, with a focus on the Cessna Citation market.

We will present options for a marketing strategy that fits you: Are you a seller who doesn’t want the blowback of pilots or the corporate office to know about the sale? Do you prefer to keep a low profile to ensure privacy? Or are you ready to promote the aircraft to identify the unique buyer that connects with the opportunity your jet aircraft represents

Finding someone you feel connected to, who is knowledgeable in the jet aircraft market, and who is immersed in the field, is a sure way to maximize the sale price of your aircraft. At DSA, we are grounded in the reality of what the market will bear. We always give a fair assessment of your jet, to ensure we have a targeted approach to achieving the sale objectives. Over-delivery is our goal; we don’t over-promise and renegotiate at the expense of your expectations.


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