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“It’s clear, from the numerous positive comments from Cessna Citation customers, Derrick and his team are exceptionally well-equipped to deliver superior customer service for Citation aircraft. Derrick’s broad aviation background is extremely valuable, making DSA a stand-out company in the field. The board at Cessna is confident that DSA’s involvement with Citation customers is a win-win, as they provide an unmatched experience that always leaves the client pleased.”

Russ Meyers, Chairman Emeritus, Cessna Aircraft Company

“On rare occasions have I had the privilege (and I do not use that term carelessly) to fly with someone like you . . . You are what a true professional looks like, Derrick, and not just as someone to sit right seat. Rather, as an A&P, a test pilot, and someone who knows every little nook and cranny of the Citation line in its entirety.”

Ed Turley, CJ3 Owner

“Derrick is the best. He has added considerable value during and post delivery.” 

Neil Douglas, CJ4 Owner

“I cannot speak any more highly of the expertise and professionalism that Derrick showed doing the acceptance of my CJ3. It was well worth the money and saved me probably three or four more trips back to the Cessna Service Center after delivery, which would’ve been on my dime.”

Mark Aloe, CJ3 Owner

“I retained the services of Derrick Schmidt . . . to assist me with the delivery acceptance of my new CJ4 this past week, and it was one of the smartest decisions I have made in a long time! I would highly recommend Derrick to anyone taking delivery of a new/used Cessna Citation aircraft.”

Bernard Little, CJ4 Owner

“This is an endorsement (unsolicited by Derrick) from someone who had a great experience using Derrick during both the delivery process of my M2 and during the mentoring time.”

Barry Stamm, M2 Owner

“Derrick certainly adds value to the completion of the process, as he is a former production pilot for Cessna as well as a A&P from the old days in the Cessna Service Center and he knows his stuff.”

Stuart Fred, CJ3 Owner

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