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A Welcome from Derrick Schmidt

If you’re reading this, I’m betting you feel like I do about flying. The freedom of being in the air, the ability to see and experience new sights and places, the thrill of a new adventure every time you lift off—there’s nothing like it. My dedication to this profession comes from helping people like you experience the world on their own terms.

Aviation has been in my blood since I was a child. During a 40-year tenure as the Director of Air Transportation for Cessna, my father, Dave Schmidt, ran the in-house corporation flight department, and performed prop jet demos before demos were common. He flew with Russ Meyer, Aviation Hall of Fame inductee and former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Cessna Aircraft Company, whose legacy remains as the visionary who brought business jets to the masses and built the fastest business jet, the Citation X. My father introduced countless aviators to the jet era and inspired me to become a part of this extraordinary industry.

I caught the flying bug at an early age. My dad was a chameleon in the cockpit, adapting to the needs of whoever he was flying that day. I was lucky as a kid to take trips on some of these aircraft and got to feel the exhilaration of turning on the engine and flying somewhere new. I saw him work with all kinds of people and witnessed the pride he took in making sure each person felt like a VIP. Having spent my entire life as a member of the Cessna family, I know the history and inner workings of Cessna Citation aircraft like the back of my hand. Gaining that knowledge rests squarely on the shoulders of my father.

With every step in my career, I’ve evolved into the expert I am today. I credit my successful paper route as a kid with sparking my passion for sales. My job evolved into door-door solicitation selling subscriptions for the Wichita Eagle and Beacon paper, honing my sales skills, and becoming the top sales performer by the age of 14. As you can see, the motivation to push me outside my comfort zone and drive to succeed is in my DNA.


My other passion—working with anything mechanical—led me to learn the literal nuts and bolts of Citation aircraft. Later, I mastered the art of flying, logging over 10,000 hours and then some. I use all of these experiences and more to help Derrick Schmidt Aviation stand apart from the rest of the business aviation industry. My work is my passion, which isn’t something a lot of people can say, so I feel incredibly fortunate in that respect.

I started DSA with the intent of being different in a space that’s not one for change. Over the course of my decades in this industry, I have sought out highly talented professionals to be a part of my team. I have known these individuals in both a personal and professional capacity for many years. My team members represent the same ethical and customer-focused standards that are the foundation of DSA. Together, we offer a full line of private and business aviation consulting services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs as a jet aircraft owner, operator, or to augment and complement your existing flight operation.

Please take a moment and review our team’s biographies and the expanded sections for each of the services we provide. I am confident that we can meet your specific needs to help you realize your dream of flight. We stand ready to be your trusted advisors in selling or acquiring your next jet aircraft.

Thank you, and welcome to DSA,


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